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Pet Training Services Montgomery


Pet Training Services Montgomery

Pet Training Services Montgomery less than 5 miles from The Woodlands


Positive reinforcement methods are used to replace bad behaviors with good ones, and to teach new commands as well! We offer board and train sessions, learn and play sessions, and private lessons at The Barkly. Each board and train and/or learn and play session is paired with a FREE day of daycare to make sure your dog has fully rounded days when they board with us.

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 Pet Training Services Montgomery

Just miles from The Woodlands, Pet Training Services Montgomery 

For the dogs out there who just don’t seem to listen, or need to learn some reliable commands, we provide multiple training programs so any dog can learn new tricks. If you need informational one-on-one sessions with a trainer, we have private lessons. If you simply do not have hours every day to work with your dog, we have Board and Train programs. If your pup needs a day out and has endless amounts of energy, drop them off with us for the day for Learn and Play sessions which consist of daycare and several short training sessions with our trainer.

Every training program focuses on your dog’s needs and uses positive reinforcement techniques to replace bad, unwanted behaviors with good, reliable ones. Every dog is different, so we do not have “cookie cutter” classes made to work for “most” dogs. Every dog should get the personalized attention and time to learn. To keep our training dog’s socialized and happy, daycare sessions are included in the program prices!

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pet-training-services Pet Training Services Montgomery

Dog Training Services Montgomery 

Pet Training Services Montgomery

The Barkly (Pet Kennel) - 15000 FM 2854 RD, Montgomery, TX 77316 | 936-447-2275