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Pet Spa

Pet Spa Facilities by The Barkly

At The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa, the grooming we give every animal is customized to ensure that they come out of the process looking and feeling fabulous! Whether your pet is staying with us overnight or you just want to drop them off for an afternoon, you can make an appointment for cat or dog grooming anytime. Our staff has plenty of experience caring for animals of all breeds and temperaments. All we ask is that you ensure your dog is vaccinated against rabies before bringing them in.

Our dog grooming services cover everything from simple baths, to trimming, to intense cleaning. It is completely your choice as to which services you book for your pet- pick whatever you feel most suits their situation. Book in advance over the phone, or online for repeat service only. Feel free to ask us about different options or preferences for what we can do for your dog to improve their looks and ensure that they are comfortable. 

Anyone searching for “pet grooming near me” should bring in their cat or dog to the pet spa at The Barkly. We have excellent grooming packages, all designed to help your pet feel comfortable and secure as we pamper them. If your pet requires special care and consideration, that’s no issue- just let us know, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

A visit to our pet spa is more than just a way to get your pet clean. It’s a chance for them to look and feel better, to socialize with new people, and be the center of attention. It can even improve their mood and energy. For more information, you can contact us or directly make an appointment with us, and we will find pleasure in serving your animal companion.

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