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Dog Grooming

Starting out small and slowly expanding our services and facilities, The Barkly is just getting started! Installing a huge, incredible pool out front was one of our favorite projects! We also completely revamped our grooming salon to maximize each and every pet’s comfort while at the spa. The future is bright for The Barkly and our amazing staff!

Minutes from The Woodlands!


Dog Boarding

Even if it is your pet’s first time boarding, we can make sure they are comfortable and taken care of! Let us know if your baby needs extra attention or has any special needs. If you keep us informed, we can provide the best care possible for your pet. We have a large number of younger dogs come through for daycare to get socialized who leave happy, tired, and get to make a few friends in camp. We also cater to the needs of older pets who just need a place to relax and nap. For the Barkly employees, daycare is one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. Getting to hang out with a playful group of dogs is exciting and fun! We make sure to always have a staff member in daycare play sessions for safety and to make sure everyone is playing nicely. We can even pair your dog up with a buddy for the day if group play is too overwhelming. Every dog is evaluated before entering the camp to ensure the energy in camp stays positive.

If your dog gets dirty or their fur gets tangled, our salon is here for you! Bathing dogs can be time-consuming and a “dirty job” so let our professional groomers make your life easier. Many guests spend the day playing in daycare and then get a bath before heading home. Our groomers can also trim back or file your dog’s nails, clean their ears (both included in any bath), brush your dog’s teeth, and much, much more! One of the most requested services is De-shedding treatment. Shaving a dog’s fur to reduce shedding makes the hair that is shed shorter which can actually be more irritating. De-shed treatments deep condition your dog’s skin to keep it healthy and special brushing techniques remove your dog’s undercoat- the fur that ends up falling out all over your house! Call us to learn more. Our groomers have the experience and know-how to answer any questions.


• Dog and Cat Boarding

• Dog and Cat Grooming and Bathing

• Dog and Cat Daycare

• Dog Socialization through Group Play

• Medication Administration for Cats and Dogs

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