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Pet Daycare

Reasons to Consider Our Pet Daycare

We know you love your pets and would do anything to ensure their safety. That’s why The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa is dedicated to providing a pet daycare where pet owners can leave their pets and know they’re in good hands. We don’t ask for much, just that your pet has the necessary vaccines and that you bring their favorite snacks.

At our pet daycare, your dog or cat can be pampered in our grooming center, or just relax and have a fun time. The area where the pets lounge is clean and well air-conditioned to ensure they remain healthy and comfortable. Any pup in our doggy daycare can also enjoy playtime with the other dogs, which allows them to learn and become more confident.

The doggy daycare is a great place for your dogs to get extra attention and love when you’re occupied at work or elsewhere. We receive dogs daily that get dropped off as their owners head to work, and we do our best to accommodate special requests and set a positive routine for your pup. It is always our hope that you can notice a positive difference in your dog later in the evening when you come to pick them up.

Don’t be surprised if your dog starts to get more excited about The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa than the park! We host guests of different breeds at our resort, which gives them a better and broader area to interact with. We have various activities lined up in our doggy daycare program, such as exercise and pool time, so that you will find your pet happy and please when you come to pick them up. Contact us today to find out more about our doggy daycare!

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