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Pet Resort

What Happens at our Pet Resort?

The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa isn’t just a boarding and grooming facility, it’s a pet resort! With all the services we have available for your dog or cat, they might not want to leave! Just as you like to take a break from your daily life, we believe that dogs and cats love it too. Even if their lives are usually carefree, they like to experience new and different things to keep them occupied, and they love being the center of attention!

Our experienced and friendly staff know how to treat animals, especially when it comes to grooming. Our cat and dog visitors leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Our pet resort is always open for dog and cat owners who think their furry companions deserve a special day.
One thing that we hold proud of is our dedication to enhancing your pet’s appearance. In the grooming process, there is a package that includes a dog nail trim. It is usual for your dogs to grow as they grow older. We recognize that this is just nature’s way. But sometimes, the dogs have a hard time playing because of their long nails. They can also be quite dangerous and are sometimes unsanitary as well. We have mastered the art of dog nail trimming to clip away excess nail while keeping your pet comfortable and happy.

You don’t have to worry about your dog getting hurt in the process of getting their nails trimmed. We use measures that are safe for the dog, and keep their trimmed nails in good shape. When we’re finished, your dog will be a safer, happier playmate for you and your family.

The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa has prepared many different pet grooming packages, so you can customize your cat or dog’s spa day to fit their needs. Grooming experts at our facility give smart, thoughtful recommendations, and perform all the procedures involved in pet grooming. If you have a lingering confusion or concern, our groomers are always ready to answer your questions.

Thorough pet grooming is essential for various reasons, but we first and foremost recommend it for the sake of your pet’s health. Our pet grooming services are available for all breeds, sizes, and genders of dogs. Contact us today to book an appointment at our pet resort!

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