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Puppy Training

The Importance of Dog and Puppy Training

Many pet owners have anxiety leaving their pets alone at home, especially when going to work. Most workplaces have a no pet policy, or even if they allow pets into their institutions, they don’t have pet-friendly environments. However, more than a few dogs have difficulty being alone at home all day, especially if they’re energetic or stubborn. Instead of constantly driving back and forth or hiring expensive sitters, you can leave your pet at our dog and puppy daycare here at The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa.

We have the best possible care lined up for our visiting puppies. We check on them frequently since we know they need lots of attention and focus When you leave your puppy at our puppy daycare, they have a chance to interact with other puppies and have fun too. Our caregivers can even mix in important command training, should you choose to invest in our “Learn to Play” package! 

No matter the breed of your dog or puppy, we have skilled professionals who will ensure that you find your pet in good health when you come to pick them up at the end of the day. They are also adept trainers, and can help your pet grow and adapt through our helpful training programs.
As your puppy grows into a mature dog, they must learn different commands. Some commands make it easy for you to communicate with your dog. If you’re not  in a position to teach your dog these commands, we suggest that you leave it to our experts to train your pet in our dog training sessions. 

Dog and puppy training at the Barkly takes place in both individual and group sessions. We allow the owners to choose the kind of session they would like for their dogs after consulting with our trainers. Both structures are really key for your dog’s long-term happiness, and many pups end up attending both of them. You most likely will have to attend some training sessions to familiarize yourself with your dog’s behavior and get the best results, but large portions of the training require no time investment on your end.

While puppies tend to learn faster and more decisively, we invite you to bring dogs of almost any age to our training programs. We have created a system and an environment conducive for your canine pals to learn and grow.  Contact The Barkly to get more information about dog and puppy training as well as our daycare.

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