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Dog Training Services

Make your dog the pet you're proud of with obedience training! Positive reinforcement methods are used to replace bad behaviors with good ones, and to teach new commands as well. We offer board and train sessions, learn and play sessions, and private lessons at The Barkly. Each board and train and/or learn and play session is paired with a FREE day of daycare to make sure your dog has fully rounded days when they stay with us. 

For the dogs out there who just don’t seem to listen or need to learn some reliable commands, we provide multiple training programs so that any dog can learn new tricks. If you need informational one-on-one sessions with a trainer, we have private lessons. If you simply do not have hours every day to work with your dog, we have Board and Train programs. If your pup needs a day out and has endless amounts of energy, drop them off with us for the day for Learn and Play sessions which consist of daycare and several short training sessions with our trainer.

Every training program focuses on your dog’s needs and uses positive reinforcement techniques to replace bad, unwanted behaviors with good, reliable ones. Every dog is different, so we do not have “cookie cutter” classes made to work for “most” dogs. At The Barkly, we believe every dog should get personalized attention and time to learn.

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Dog Learn to Play Training Serving The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Spring, Willis, Montgomery

 Learn to Play Dog Training

Each Learn and Play session includes a full day of playing with other dogs (and/or individually with our awesome employees) and 15-minute training sessions one-on-one with our trainer.

Pricing - Our Learn to Play Program:

$30.00 Per Day

$275.00 for a 10-Day Package!

This option is perfect for dogs with endless energy that want or need to learn a new behavior or even just review!


Common commands learned or reviewed in Learn and Plays:

• Sit

• Down

• Leave It

• Drop It

• Come

• Stay

• Off (No Jumping)

• Shake (Paw)

$10.00 to Add an Extra 15 Minute Session!


We have several Board and Train options that can be adjusted to fit each and every dog’s needs. During your dog’s Board and Train program, they will be included in group or individual play camps daily (included in price), receive two to three intensive 30 minute training sessions with our trainer, and will board in our small or large dog suites overnight. Because they are here for 1-3 weeks, we can guarantee a safe and consistent environment, perfect for learning new behaviors.


Pricing - Our Board & Train Programs:

Basic Dog Obedience Training

The basic obedience programs are focused on learning or working on basic commands: 

Sit, down, stay and release, come when called, leave it, take it, drop it, etc. Potty training included in 2 week program.


1 Week: $476.00

2 Week: $952.00


Advanced Dog Obedience Training

Our advanced programs are primarily for dogs who know basic commands,

and cover off-leash training, heel, commands at a distance, and much more. Also great for the stubborn dogs out there!


2 Week: $1,204.00

3 Week: $1,484.00

Dog Board & Train Serving The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Spring, Willis, Montgomery

Dog Boarding & Training

Dog Private Training Serving The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Spring, Willis, Montgomery

Dog Private Training Lessons

Private Lessons are the perfect solution if you have specific issues with your dog in public and/or at home.
This style of lessons is all about training the human, rather than the actual dog. We will create a personalized program for you that will address these problem behaviors. It will be your responsibility to take the program and practice constantly to reinforce it with your dog. Lessons can be given at home, at The Barkly, or an approved public venue.


Pricing – Dog Private Training Lessons

One Hour Private Lesson at The Barkly $100

One Hour Private Lesson Off-Site $150

Four Hour Private training package at The Barkly $325

Four Hour Private training package Off-Site $425


Dog Group Training Serving The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Spring, Willis, Montgomery

Dog Group Training Lessons

At our Group Lessons we use positive reinforcement to learn commands such as Sit, Down, Stay, Coming when called, take it / leave it, Drop it, Loose Leash walking, crate training, potty training, chewing, nipping, barking, biting, jumping, digging, whining, door bolting, public manners, vet trips, grooming visits & handling skills  


Group lessons follow a curriculum that will address these basic obedience skills. It will be your responsibility to take the program and practice constantly to reinforce it with your dog.

Pricing – Dog Group Training Lessons

$125 for 6 Week Class - 1 Hour a Week

Dog Learn to Walk Training Serving The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Spring, Willis, Montgomery

Learn to Walk Dog Training

Are you tired of your dog pulling you around on walks? A dog who isn’t attentive while on a leash can cause frustration and can even be a safety concern for everyone.  Let our trainer work with your dog and teach them how to be engaged with you while still enjoying their walk!

Walk in the Park gets your dog out and about to the beautiful McDade Park just up the road from The Barkly.
The focus for the 30-45 minute walk will be leash manners and socialization with our trainer.

For only $60 per walk, your dog will come home tired and well socialized!